2018 Beneficiary

100% net profit from sales of Rainbow Hats will be donated...but to whom?

We are excited to announce the first-ever beneficiary. For the inaugural year of sales, Rainbow Hats, LLC has chosen to support The Patchwork School

The Patchwork School is an innovative non-profit organization promoting children’s rights and meaningful educational options for all, at the heart of which is a community-based democratic school focusing on Early Childhood (ages 1-8), located in Louisville, Colorado.  By respecting children as people with ideas, interests and opinions, and by utilizing our community’s resources, we have created an experiential learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem solving, develops communication and leadership abilities, nurture’s self-confidence and self-direction, promotes compassion and sustainability, and most of all preserves a passion for learning.  Through the school, our parent education, teacher training, and community building, we advocate for freedom, responsibility and compassion in community. 

We chose The Patchwork School for two reasons. First, we were mesmerized by our experience with the faculty, staff, students, and parents who were part of the Patchwork Community. Their commitment to and living of "Freedom, Responsibility and Compassion" was (and remains) an inspiration. Secondly, by inviting me to sell Rainbow Hats at their Holiday Fundraiser, they were the first local group of people to support my small business.

So it is with warm hearts that we make this promise to our customers and to The Patchwork School - at year's end we will deliver a check to The Patchwork School that represents the resilience of the human heart, hope, love, and celebration of the human spirit.